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Fine Cut Gemstones

Fine Gemstone sapphire ruby emerald


We at Gandhi Enterprises and Gandhi Jewels have a passion for gemstones & jewellery. We are manufacturer and wholesaler of various gemstones. Our strong inventory consists of sapphire including blue, pink, yellow, white, black, fancy colors and ruby, emerald, tanzanite, tsavorite, spessartite & various semi-precious gems. Our strong grading standards & our professionalism along with personalized services will certainly cater all your requirements with the assurance of the most competitive prices & prompt service. We also manufacture jewellery on order basis. We constantly evolve to meet your demands & now accommodate precision cut & custom cut orders with our in-house lapidary.


Calibrated Gemstones - Precision Cut

Calibrated size and color with precision cut


We specialize in calibrated gemstones in blue sapphires, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, rubies, emeralds, etc. We understand what a fine jeweler needs and how to make your jewelry item stand out from the rest. Fine cut or precision cut is the trend forward. Add that shine and brilliance to the jewelry, without it it is just another regular jewelry item.


In-House Lapidary with Precision Cut Gemstones

gem cutting at in-house lapidary


Gemstones are being cut and polished at our lapidary to strict standards in calibrated sizes in various shapes like rounds (diamond cut / brilliant cut), squares (princess cut), ovals, pears, marquise, baguette, free forms, etc. Cutting styles can be varied like brilliant cut, step cut, portugese (flower cut), star cut, etc. We also have fancy cuts like rose cut, tumble, cabochon, and various others. Calibrated gemstones with precision cut are a strong speciality of ours. We have various shades of colors available and can even fit to make guaduations in size and colors, what we sometimes refer to as rainbow Sets , and can customize to your requirements. We cut calibrated sizes like no other.

Rainbow Sapphires/Gemstones Sets

Rainbow Sapphire Princess Cut Squares



Reliability - Deliverability - Competitive Prices

trust, reliable, good price


We are here for long term relationships and want to ensure that our partners grow together with us. We are here to listen to you and deliver you the right gemstones that you need in timely manner. We are always constantly ensuring that our cost is kept competitively low while making sure that the quality of the gemstones are not compromised.


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