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Introduction to Sapphires

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Cushion Ceylon Sapphire By Gandhi Oval Natural Ceylon Sapphire By Gandhi Cushion Burma Sapphire By Gandhi Oval Ceylon Sapphire By Gandhi Oval Natural Ceylon Sapphire By Gandhi Cabochon Ceylon Sapphire By Gandhi Octagon Kanchanaburi Sapphire By Gandhi Round Ceylon Sapphire By Gandhi

Mineral – Al2O3 (Aluminum Oxide)
Mohs Hardness – 9
Refractive Index – 1.762-1.778
Specific gravity – 3.9-4.1

In ancient times blue sapphires were favored for their colour as it symbolized heaven. People wore or carried sapphire with them as they believed it gave them power to rule. Also people took sapphire as an antidote for poison and a remedy for curing skin diseases, fevers and cold. These were some of the superstitious stories which followed. However the main point is to appreciate the beauty of this exceptional variety of blue corundum.

Pure Sapphire is colorless. A blue color is due the presence of trace elements iron and Titanium. Commonly preferred colours are velvety blue to violetish blue and these often command premium. Even lighter colours such as sky blue make splendid jewelry items in today’s market. Variating colours increases the variety of designs and therefore satisfying a broader base.

Sapphires can be categorized on their origin by their common quality characteristics. Sapphires from Burma, Kashmir and Ceylon often show better colour and command a premium while sapphires from Thailand, Cambodia, and Australia tend to be in grayish/greenish to darker tones. Madagascar is another deposit of nice blue sapphires.  

Sapphires are commonly treated to improve their colour and clarity. Normal treatment consists of thermal treatment and is widely accepted worldwide as it is permanent. Other forms of treatment include lattice diffusion, fracture filling, coating and dyeing. Whatever the treatment, the customers have every right to know about what they are buying. Untreated sapphires are rare and this commands premium.

Phenomena are when unusual optical characteristics are displayed and are common in sapphires. Star sapphires are due to needle like inclusions present in the sapphire. There are also color change sapphires which show different colours in different lighting condition and Color zoning is a common sapphire characteristic.

The beauty and the rarity of the sapphires make them an excellent investment choice and also at the same time an everlasting fashion item. Their durability makes them an excellent choice to fashion them into jewellery. We at Gandhi Enterprises disclose every treatment and maintain the ethical standards involved in the mining, cutting and fashioning of these gems. Our fine assortments for calibrated sizes, prompt service and our prices are a benchmark.


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